ESU/ESUT Hands-on Training in Thulium laser prostate vaporesection

This Hands-on Training course is to introduce the trainee into the laser tissue interaction of the Thulium 2 micron continuous wave laser with the use of two different training stations. In the first workstation the trainee will try the laser on cadaver tissue submersed in water. The second setting resembles the Thulium Laser Vaporesection of Prostate on a training device.

Aims and objectives

  • The trainee will understand the tissue vaporization effect by the Thulium 2 micron continuous wave laser, the limited depth of tissue damage and how to vaporize and to perform a cut in tissue
  • The trainee also may cut the sample tissue by cold knife for visual inspection of the tissue damage zone
  • The trainee is challenged to introduce the laser resectoscope into the artificial organ of the training device, manoeuvre the resectoscope in the artificial prostatic urethra and to vaporize and cut tissue samples

Target audience: Beneficial for novice and experienced surgeons wishing to learn the more about the procedure