Clinical / Lab Scholarship

To promote excellent basic research work, EUSP Scholarship offers a year long programme in a leading European research institution.

Each year the EUSP Board contacts certified host institutions to check for basic research projects that can be taken up by a potential EUSP scholar. These projects will be published online and will be promoted during

EAU meetings and the Annual EAU Congress to inform urologists who are interested to apply. After the annual deadline, the EUSP Board will review all applications and select the best candidate for each project.

Review of applications

After the application deadline the EUSP Board will evaluate all applications that have been submitted and select the most suitable candidates for a personal interview to be scheduled during the Annual EAU Congress.

Applicants will be informed approximately one month before the Annual EAU Congress whether or not they have been selected for an interview. From these candidates one or more applicant(s) will be selected for each project, depending on

the size and expected duration of the project. The outcome of the interviews will be communicated to the applicants within a month after the Annual EAU Congress. The decision of the Board is final and no further appeal will be accepted.


The scholar is required to present reports which should include:

  • The clinical or scientific achievement
  • Impressions of the host institution
  • Evaluation of the provisions that have been made by the host institution for the successful conduct of the (research) project

A first report should be submitted six weeks after the start of the scholarship. This report will be evaluated by the EUSP advisor in consultation with the supervisor of the host institution. In case of a negative evaluation, the scholar may be asked to discontinue the scholarship. A second, intermediate report should be sent to the EUSP Office after six months. A detailed overview of expenses should be included. At the end of the scholarship the scholar is obliged to submit a 10-page (minimum) written summary report of his/her work, plus the prints of resulting publication(s). 

The scholaris also required to submit at least one abstract at the end of the scholarship which should be accepted for presentation at an international meeting in urology and published in the abstract book relating to the meeting. A detailed itemised list of expenses should be included together with a proof of payment of travel, accommodation, insurance and continuing expenses in the home country. Furthermore, the scholar is expected to present his/her work during the EUSP Session at the Annual EAU Congress.

Intellectual property and financial benefits

The regulations of the host institution where the research project is conducted will apply to the intellectual property as well as any financial benefits resulting from the research performed under the terms and conditions of this scholarship. All the publications must acknowledge the support of the European Urological Scholarship Programme.