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Selected Passages on Urological Surgery: From the XVI to the Mid-XVIIII Century
By:Sergio Musitelli
Research is the foundation of our knowledge and understanding. For the scholar, it is of utmost importance to have access to primary sources. The Selected Passages series, of which this is the second part, provides this for urological historians. It is an important channel that makes primary sources easily accessible, and exposes them to a wider audience. Over the past few years, Sergio Musitelli has scoured Europe’s libraries, compiling four centuries’ worth of original texts. We are indebted to Sergio for his thoroughness and continued devotion to academic research. As one of the EAU ...

On the Foundation of Modern Urology
By:Sergio Musitelli

Historical Expert Prof. Sergio Musitelli presents the original manuscripts, his own transcriptions and English translations of four unique publications from 17th century Italian scholars. The findings of Lorenzo Bellini, Marcello Malpighi and Giovanni Afonso Borelli on the function of various organs, kidneys in particular give insights into the earliest discoveries in the human body. Musitelli's characterful translation and annotations provide historical context and a modern perspective as one consults the original texts.

Medical Treatment of Urological Malignancies 2015
By:Christian Stief, Karim Fizazi, Chris Evans

The mission of the International Consensus on Urological Diseases on Medical Treatment of Urological Malignancies was to produce the standard book on the systemic therapy of urological malignancies. This standard book aims at improving patient care by providing a comprehensive overview on well-established medical strategies to treat urological malignancies. For each chapter, the overview is then followed by detailed information on a specific medical approach. In addition to the established standard, cutting edge basic and clinical research is presented allowing an in depth understanding ...

Joaquín Albarrán: The Life and Scientific Passion of a Medical Genius
By:Marlene Fernández Arias

Joaquín Albarrán was a comprehensive scientist: professor, surgeon, innovator, clinician, pathologist, histologist, physiologist, bacteriologist and historian. He achieved such excellence in each of these fields that it is difficult to conceive that a work of such magnitude is the result of a single individual.

Of Cuban birth, and educated in Spain, Albarrán’s scientific genius developed and flourished in France. Few know that Albarrán was, without discussion, the most renowned and admired urologist in his time. In a single figure were combined - in wonderful harmony - t...

ICUD: Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology 2015
By:Walter Artibani, Jens Rassweiler, Jihad Kaouk, Mani Menon

This e-book is the outcome of the commendable effort of a select group of clinicians who, under the input of the European Association of Urology (EAU) in cooperation with International Consultation on Urological Diseases (ICUD), met in Stockholm during the 29th annual meeting of EAU. By means of enthusiastic interactive collaboration, they critically revised the available evidence-based data, using standardised methodology. When evidence was missing, which is not uncommon, their personal experience and expertise filled the gap, providing an updated state-of-the-art overview in various to...