Treatment of ureteral stones with ESWL

By: Rexha N.
Institutes: Mendja Integruar Mjekësire, Dept. of Urology, Gjakove, Kosovo

Introduction & Objectives

ESWL is first line treatment for ureteral stone. Objective: Evaluation of the efficiency and safety of treatment with ESWL for ureteral stone.

Material & Methods

In April 2004 to May 2017 we treat the 3606 patients with stone in the ureter from 4mm-22 mm was treated with ESWL (Dornier Compact Delta). Focused with Xray and work with ultrasound in part from pyeloureteric until-4cm. Lumbal,sacral and pelvic focused and work with Xray. One patient i time of procedure was taked clopidogrel, we do just 400 shots. Voltages are increased 08-10-12-14-16 kv, 160 to 4000 shots are just depedent if strong of stone. Procedure is done sedo-analgesion with the mask, fentanyl 1 mcg/kg, propofol 3 mg/ kg success rate (3.79%). ESWL in children from 2.5 -14 Years old. In total we was treat 94 children's and success rate 100%.


The adult patients was treated with a one to max. 5 season, particles were eliminated without problem, 137 (7.8%) patients was failed and we continue with endoscopy. Second season is done after one week. Control  was after a week with ultrasound and RTG native.


ESWL have advantage “satisfactory” stone-free rate and effective pain relief, its safety and the fact that it is well-tolerated by patients and safe procedure for the treatment of ureteral stones  depends on the quality of the foods, the accuracy of the position inside the center 6 mm, as well as from the application voltages and relaxation of the patients in sedoanalgesia to reduce breathing movements.

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  • Date: 06-10-2017
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