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Our sole reason for existing is to help urology specialists improve their skills, their knowledge and the care that they can deliver to their patients. To accomplish this, we organise and host events, develop and deliver training courses, and publish and distribute our EAU Guidelines, all in order to stimulate education, research and the exchange of scientific information. Today, we have added a powerful new tool that makes this mission easier for everyone:

UROsource, the EAU learning library for urologists! This invaluable resource, a single platform with over 50,000 items of scientific content, is the single largest knowledge base available today in the field of urology. UROsource is one of the most important tools you will ever need to continue your professional development.

A single platform with
over 50,000 items
of scientific content

Please come with us into the library for a step-by-step look at what UROsource can offer.


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"The Learning
Library for urologists."

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Enter search words

Enter your key word or words in the search function box to start looking for related content

Search results

The UROsource refined search engine gives you an overview of all related content, divided by categories. It shows precisely how many items are listed in each category.

Filter option

Once you’ve got your general search results, you can filter for any specific category, including surgical procedure, media type (e.g., webcast or poster), time period, event or EAU session to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Quick view

Use the view button to see a summarised version of any items of interest. You can also access previews of actual surgical procedures performed by top surgeons.

Save option

Click on the + icon to save any item to your own personalised library, a collection which you create that is specific to your unique professional interests.

Personalised library

You can easily access your saved items again in your personalised library which is filled with content specified to your professional interests. You will find this overview in your MyEAU space.

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