07 November 2013

On 30-31 October, at the 50th Argentinian Urology Congress, Prof. Laurent Boccon-Gibod was awarded a medal for his achievements by the Argentine Society of Urology (SAU). This marked the first occasion that the medal was awarded. Prof. Boccon-Gibod was Chairman of the EAU’s Scientific Office from 1994 to 2004, and a member of the EAU from 1978.

Boccon-Gibod has been an Honorary Member of the EAU since 2012, and was awarded the Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award in 2007. In Buenos Aires, he gave a total of three talks as a high-profile EAU representative.

First, Boccon-Gibod presented an update in the treatment of male urethral strictures, a topic of everyday clinical practice. “This is a hotly-debated topic, to which I devoted a significant part of my work,” Boccon-Gibod explained. He is considered to be France’s expert on the subject.

“My second talk concerned contemporary issues in prostate biopsies, a very timely topic, considering both the complications and the paradigm shift induced by the progresses in the imaging of the prostate. Particularly the spectacular progresses of multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mp-MRI) that allows one to actually see the tumour and perform a tumour-targeted biopsy instead of a blind random sampling of the prostate.”

The final topic concerned the complications of Androgen Suppression Therapy (AST) for prostate cancer. Boccon-Gibod: “This is another topic of contemporary relevance, considering the increase of the duration of AST related to the modifications of patients profiles such as low volume metastatic disease, PSA relapses after failure of local therapy, and so on.”

Argentine – European cooperation

The links between Argentine and French Urology go back a long way: “Both Prof C. Bollack from Strasbourg and Dr J.M. Brisset from Paris travelled extensively in Argentina and had numerous young Argentine urologists as trainees in their departments. This has been of major importance to maintain a contact with Europe at a time when the attraction of the U.S was overwhelming.”

“Dr. Ubaldo Itturalde, the current President of the SAU, was a resident in Paris in Prof. Steg’s  department in Paris when I was a young Professor.” Prof. Steg was the EAU Secretary General until 1992.

“Since that time we are united by a close scientific collaboration , and a very strong friendship. Both Dr. Iturralde and Prof. Bernstein, a very active CAU (Confederacion Americana de Urologia) member, have kept the channels between France and Argentina open over the past years and several urology trainees were welcomed in my department in Paris. These links will be reinforced by the contract of exchanges signed at the very occasion of this Congress by both the SAU and the French Association of Urology.”

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