07 October 2010

October 2010- At the the plenary meeting of the Russian Urological Society, which took place in Krasnodar on 29 September – 1 October and during a specialised course organized by the European School of Urology, Prof. W. Aulitszky, Vienna, Austria, presented two lectures tailored to the interests of the Russian audience.

Aulitzky, who is actively involved in the work of Vienna’s Confraternitaet and New York’s Weill Cornell Medical College, first presented on the various aspects in the management of the aging male. He focused on the advantages and drawbacks of various testosterone replacements treatments, including transdermal, oral, buccal and injectable types of therapy. He also mentioned a number of aspects that may affect their possible applicability in such countries as Russia – including costs, method of administration and patience compliance.

Aulitzky’s second lecture discussed the urological training system as currently employed in the UK. This lecture was of great interest to the audience, as Russia is currently looking for ways to modernize their urological education system. The presenter received numerous questions from the audience and the session enjoyed an enthusiastic discussion and active participation.

“Urological training in Russia needs to undergo a series of changes, and it is important that we familiarize ourselves with the advantages and challenges of various systems used world-wide today,” commented Prof. Dmitry Pushkar, who is actively involved in the activities of the ESU. “Courses like this enable us to discuss these problems in a more open format with the expertise and the insights of established European experts.”

“This is a very productive and thought-provoking format, and in the future we intend to explore and make use of these unique opportunities.”

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