Application open for 4 EAU positions

30 August 2019

The EAU is seeking a number of new Chairmen to fill various positions within its ranks. Next year, 2020, is such a year where three EAU Office Chairmen and one Executive Member will step down after successfully fulfilling 2 terms of 4 years.

The EAU is currently looking for motivated and committed members for the following positions in its Executive Committee and its Board:

Adjunct Secretary General – Education
The Adjunct Secretary General – Education is part of the EAU’s Executive Committee, the decision-making organ of the EAU. He/she is responsible for the Association’s educational strategy, both on- and offline.

Candidates should have previous corporate/board experience and have served the EAU in another capacity, such as in a Section, Office or Committee. The position requires representing the EAU at various events, filling in for the Secretary-General when requested and being an effective communicator.

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Chairman of the EU-ACME Office
The European Urology – Accredited Continuing Medical Education (EU-ACME) Office is responsible for the continuing medical education of medical specialists. The EU-ACME Office is composed of 1 chairman and a minimum of 5 members from both the EAU and the EBU.

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Chairman of the EAU EUSP Office
The European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) Office is responsible for the formulation and execution of the EAU scholarship programme. The chairman of the EUSP Office will lead a team of a minimum of 5 members.

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Chairman of the Education Office
The European School of Urology (ESU) delivers the educational needs of urologists on behalf of the EAU Education Office. The aim of the Education Office is to stimulate, coordinate and organise all post- and undergraduate teaching and all other educational activities of the EAU.

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How to apply

All candidates should be EAU Active Members and be active in the practice of urology. Corporate or board governance experience is also required for the 3 positions within the EAU Board.

Individuals wishing to apply must submit an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with a personal Statement of Interest indicating their understanding of the position and provide a current Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Statement. These documents should be forwarded to the EAU at to the attention of the Chair of the Search and Nomination Committee (SNC) – Prof. Chris Chapple by 1 October 2019.

The EAU Search and Nomination Committee will interview finalists for the positions before the end of December 2019. The selected candidates will be nominated by the SNC and must be approved by a majority vote of the eligible members present and voting at the General Assembly during EAU20 in Amsterdam. The voting for the Adjunct Secretary General – Education will be conducted via a secret ballot during the same General Assembly.

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