EAU Section of Female & Functional Urology (ESFFU)

Our main objective is to provide state-of-the-art standards for research, diagnostics, and treatment of functional urological problems in neurological and non-neurological patients.

ESFFU history

Originally established as the European Society of Neuro-Urology, the ESFFU joined the EAU as a section in 2008. Today, we aspire to become one of EAU’s most driven and dynamic sections which connect experts and young specialists interested in the field of functional urology.

What we do

At present, we focus on a number of educational and scientific activities. Our the aim is to educate urologists and affiliated medical practitioners about the best practices and research breakthroughs in our fast-advancing field. We provide a great forum for knowledge sharing and discussions at the dedicated session at the Annual EAU Congress, and during the masterclass.

In the upcoming years, we plan to increase our activities and create a wider awareness among medical students, urologists, general practitioners, and affiliated professionals on the opportunities and the progress in the field of functional urology.

For who

All EAU members with an interest in female and functional urology will benefit from our initiatives; from junior to senior urologists, as well as, affiliated medical professionals. They will find an interesting and stimulating angle among the ESFFU initiatives.

How to contribute

If you have suggestions regarding the content of our meetings or ideas on how the ESFFU can contribute to the development of our subspecialty, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, if you are organising a scientific event or developing an educational programme in the field of female and functional urology, we also welcome you to discuss the possibilities for cooperation.

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