21st International Conference on Nephrology, Urology and Therapeutics

This conference promotes a shared vision for developing the international research agenda. This will enhance our understanding of recent advances in the fields of nephrology and urology and the use of new methods to identify the practises for clinical management.

Wed, 18 Oct - Thu, 19 Oct 2023
Location Vienna, Austria

The Nephrology Congress 2023 is an excellent opportunity to network with other influential decision-makers and experts, including top nephrologists and kidney specialists from prestigious universities and research institutions. As a result, the conference is an ideal venue for experience sharing, research talks, presenting numerous ideas and strategies from industry and academia, and evaluating emerging technologies.

The Nephrology Congress 2023 will focus on the most recent and active issues in the field of Nephrology. The meeting is based on the theme "Innovations and advancements in clinical nephrology diseases". The conference's highlights include Nephrology, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD), Kidney Transplantation, Dialysis, and Renal Care, Paediatric Nephrology, Diabetic Nephropathy, and others.

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