Collaborative Practice in Prostate Cancer: How is this actually done?

Mon, 12 Sep 2022
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Organiser International Cardio-Oncology Society
Location Virtual

Webinar 3: Collaborative Practice in Prostate Cancer: How is this actually done?

This is the 3rd installment of a 4-part webinar series: Prostate Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease, that will focus on clinical factors, especially those influencing cardiovascular disease (CVD), that determine treatment decisions for localized prostate cancer. Future events in this series will address recent clinical trials and the impact on CVD, collaborative practice strategies to minimize CV complications, and ongoing clinical research in prostate cancer that has important bearing on the management of CVD.

Date: Monday, September 12 - 6:00 PM


  • Daniel Lenihan, MD
  • Andrew Armstrong, MD
  • Michiel Sedelaar, MD

This session will involve the presentation of challenging cases highlighting issues encountered in actual clinical decision making:

  • 10-minute Case by Ariane Macedo, MD
  • 10-minute Case by Christopher Koo, MD
  • EVAR/PCI procedure Case by Jeffery de Jesus, MD
  • Discussion/question and answer, 30 minutes

Topics to cover in this session:

  • CV decision-making in advanced PC
  • Discuss factors that influence recommendations for CABG, valve surgery, transcatheter valve intervention in patients with metastatic PC
  • Optimal cardioprotective therapy for high-risk patients
  • Should ADT or androgen receptor blockers be withheld (if ever)?
  • Acute MI, HTN out of control, etc.
  • Any CV conditions that preclude this treatment
  • Considerations of complex decisions around antithrombotic therapies

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