ESTRO Course: Multidisciplinary Management of Prostate Cancer

This 4-day teaching course aims at focusing on the management of localised, locally advanced and metastatic prostate cancer.

Sun, 8 Oct - Thu, 12 Oct 2023
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Organiser ESTRO
Venue Hotel Silken Indautxu
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It emphasises the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and of teamwork, where full information exchange is vital to provide the best up-to-date scientific evidence on which the management of the disease will be based. This will be illustrated during state-of-the-art lectures presented by experts in the field, covering important issues such as biology, imaging, pathology, therapy and future developments. Interactive case studies and journal clubs will be integrated on a daily basis and there will be ample time for open discussions amongst participants and experts. A special session on target delineation for radiotherapists will also be organised during the course.

Learning outcomes

  • To provide an in-depth overview of the epidemiology, pathology, imaging and treatment options for low, intermediate and high risk prostate cancer
  • To discuss patient selection/indications and contra-indications for the various treatment options
  • To provide a critical overview of the surgical and radiotherapy techniques available for the management of prostate cancer
  • To discuss the new drugs currently available for the management of the advanced and metastatic stages of the disease
  • To debate on the most recent developments relevant to prostate cancer management.

Course content

  • Normal prostate: anatomy – embryology, histology
  • Prostate cancer: epidemiology and prevention, clinical diagnosis, imaging modalities pathology, staging
  • Low risk prostate cancer: active surveillance, surgery and the postop pathology
  • Radiotherapy and brachytherapy, the pathology after irradiation
  • External beam radiotherapy: on-line control, target delineation
  • High risk prostate cancer: radiotherapy and hormones, alternative radiotherapy regimens
  • Toxicity of radiotherapy: acute and late morbidity – erectile dysfunction
  • Role of surgery and its morbidity
  • Alternative treatments
  • Adjuvant and salvage radiotherapy after radical surgery
  • Rising PSA after surgery and after radiotherapy
  • Imaging for recurrent detection
  • Node positive prostate cancer
  • Metastatic prostate cancer: hormones and their complications
  • Castration resistant prostate cancer: new drugs
  • Palliative radiotherapy and surgery
  • Non systemic treatment in the metastatic setting.
  • Case Discussions


Before commencing this course participants should:

  • Revise the general principles of prostate cancer epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis and staging
  • Read the published ESTRO and ASTRO guidelines on prostate contouring and the EAU/ESTRO/SIOG/EANM/ESUR guidelines on prostate cancer
  • Complete the FALCON* exercise which is distributed prior to the course.

Teaching methods

  • 21 hours lectures
  • 3 hours contouring
  • 4 hours practical workshops
  • 5 hours interactive discussions.

The course consists of didactic lectures, interactive sessions (clinical case discussions and Journal Clubs) and practical demonstrations.

Methods of assessment

  • In-class voting
  • Delineation exercise

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