Society of Urologic Oncology Exchange Programme

Sign up for the European Association of Urology – Society of Urologic Oncology Exchange Programme! A two-week scholarship in the USA for European Onco-Urologists.

Every alternate year an EAU members is invited to participate in an exchange programme initiated by the Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO) and the EAU. This year the visit will take place for two weeks, from 4 until 18 December, right after the Annual Meeting of the SUO, which will be held in Orlando on 1 – 3 Dec, 2021. The selected candidate will attend the SUO congress and preferably have submitted an abstract to the congress to encourage scientific exchange. A report to the EAU within one month of returning is requested. All meeting registration fees will be waived and travel and accommodation will be covered by the EAU and SUO.

Application criteria

  • The applicant must be an Active EAU Member
  • The applicant must be a high profile young Onco-Urologist within eight years of completing fellowship training
  • The applicant will work with their senior faculty to identify a host institution and mentor at that institution that will expose and educate the applicant on a new technique or technology in: basic, health services or translational research, or a clinical technique or method.
  • The hosting institution’s department chair will provide a letter of agreement and commitment to the visit.
  • The applicant is required to submit a written two-page (2) proposal describing the unmet need, opportunity and plans to implement the new knowledge upon returning.
  • It is assumed that the exchange program selectee will have appropriate approvals from their home institution if required.

We look forward to receiving your application before 15 August 2021.



All applications will be reviewed by a joint committee of the EAU (EAU Executive & ESOU)

The applicant will file a two-page report to the EAU within one month of returning. The report should include but not limited to goals and objectives achieved, and plans for future research or changes in clinical practice resulting from the exchange.

If, for any reason, the selected applicant is unable to complete the exchange as outlined in the proposal above, he / she is responsible for returning any deposited funds to the EAU.

The Society of Urologic Oncology

The SUO was founded in 1984, with a mission to enable qualified members primarily interested in the care of patients with malignant GU diseases to meet for the purpose of discussion, development and implementation of ideas to improve care. It stimulates research and teaching in urologic oncology, disseminates the principles of urologic oncology to medical profession at large and brings urologists into a society whose work is principally in malignant disease.