Patient information

Every urological patient in Europe should have access to the highest quality patient information. There is a lot of patient information on the internet and many different printed materials are being produced every day. Some of this information comes from trusted authorities, like hospitals or national health services, but quite a lot of it comes from unreliable and biased sources. We believe that by providing another reliable source of patient information on the internet we make a meaningful contribution to the network of trustworthy information suppliers, enabling patients and their family to educate themselves more easily.

EAU Patient Information provides reliable patient information on urological diseases which takes into account the latest scientific evidence, expert recommendations, and the needs of patients. This information must be consistent in content and quality throughout all of its translations and relevant to patients living in different countries. EAU patient information is in line with the EAU Guidelines.

Well-informed patients are better equipped to talk about issues that worry them, to share the information about the way they experience their condition and treatment. This encourages a meaningful dialogue between the doctor and the patient, leading to better care.