ESU/ESUT Hands-on Training in Basic laparoscopic skills

In this course basic laparoscopic and suturing skills can be learned and trained. Psychomotor skills such as depth perception and bimanual dexterity are trained by the validated exercises of the European Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills (E-BLUS) training programme. Experienced laparoscopist-tutors will guide you to master such basic laparoscopy skills as instrument handling, pattern cutting and intracorporal suturing. This course can be used as an additional training to prepare for the E-BLUS examination. Finally, all remaining questions can be answered and discussed with all tutors including the demonstration of tips and tricks.

Aims and objectives

  • You will improve your laparoscopic skills such as depth perception and bimanual dexterity

Target audience: Urologists with a basic level in laparoscopy

Train yourself: A set of training-box exercises developed and validated by the Dutch project Training in Urology (TiU) to train basic skills needed in urological laparoscopy, order here