Functional Urology Group

The European Association of Urology has recently supported the development of expert groups of young academic urologists with the purpose of boosting research activity in some critical areas of urology and improving academic collaboration among different centres in Europe. The expert groups aim at scientific cooperation and manuscript preparation, study design or other scientific output.

The European Association of Urology has supported the creation of a group within the YAU to cover all areas that deal with highly specialized medicine and surgery, but also daily practice. The Working Party Functional Urology covers a large area of subjects,

including urinary incontinence, prolapse, female urology, reconstructive urology as well as neurogenic and non-neurogenic dysfunction. Young motivated academic urologists of the Functional Urology group gather twice a year during dedicated meetings.

Functional Urology working party’s goal

  • Conduct literature reviews and highlight points of debate in the field of functional urology
  • Set up collaboration within Europe and beyond to gather big data about incontinence and reconstructive urology procedures
  • Set up an international collaboration with the aim of developing high-quality multicenter prospective projects
  • Support the EAU Guidelines Section upon request for review of clinical guidelines
  • Collaborate with the ESSFU section on ongoing projects.

Projects and plans for the future

The working party meets twice a year.

The first and main project of the group deals with non-neurogenic male urinary incontinence, with the following plans:

  • A critical literature review about male artificial urinary sphincter, published in European Urology
  • A multicenter retrospective collaborative project about male urinary incontinence/ artificial urinary sphincter (to be submitted)
  • Set up a prospective project about male urinary incontinence (to be set up)

Other ongoing projects and future planned projects include:

  • Collaborative studies about women slings
  • Collaborative study about fistula surgery in women

YAU Working Group Functional Urology

V. Phé

Paris (FR)

N.I. Osman

Wirral (GB)

C. Guillot-Tantay

Paris (FR)

F. Hervé

Bruxelles (BE)

T. Hüsch

Bad Wiessee (DE)

E. Illiano

Bacoli (IT)

L. Pedrosa Do Vale

Porto (PT)

A. Tienza Fernández

Palma De Mallorca (ES)

M.G. Çulha

Istanbul (TR)

F. Cancrini

Rome (IT)

S. Doizi

Paris (FR)

N. Raison

London (GB)

M. Tutolo

Milano (IT)