Call for Applicants: EAU Section Office Chair

Wed, 17 Jun 2015

The European Association of Urology is looking for a new Chair of its Section Office. The EAU Section Office is responsible for the development of superspecialistic sections, covering all superspecialistic fields of urology. It develops all necessary scientific and clinical programmes to develop and strengthen the urological superspecialistic fields and sections within the EAU.

The Chair of the Section Office is a member of the EAU Board, convenes and presides over Section Office Board meetings and is responsible for compiling an annual budget. The Chair also represents the EAU on all occasions in national, international and intercontinental organisations and is responsible for the promotion of the Association.

Applicants should be active EAU Members with experience within the Association, be fluent in English, and willing to travel to several meetings each year.

The current EAU Section Office Chair, Prof. Luis Martínez-Piñeiro (Madrid, ES) is stepping down at the 31st Annual EAU Congress in Munich (2016), following two four-year terms. Applicants are invited to submit their CVs and a statement of interest to the Search and Nomination Committee by 1 September, 2015.