EAU TV: Simply the Best – EAU Award Winning Posters

Two exceptional researchers describe their posters – H. Borgmann speaks about “Feasibility and efficacy of a urologic profession campaign on cryptorchidism using internet and social media”, while U. Joensen study is called “Varicocele is negatively associated with semen quality...

EAU TV: The latest in Prostate Cancer

We chatted to Karim Touijer and Susanne Osanto about the new technologies coming through to diagnose and treat Prostate Cancer – and how to best get these to patients sooner rather than later.

EAU TV: History in the Making

We spoke to Prof. Dirk Schultheiss, Chairman of International Congress on the History of Urology during, as the congress within the EAU Congress invites delegates to learn a bit about the pioneers in their field, and the societies that...

EMUC15 Highlights

Highlights from the 7th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers held in Barcelona, Spain. More here.