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Establishment, characterization and imaging of a first platinum-resistant penile cancer patient derived xenograft in nude mice: A eUROGEN project. Research letter

Anita Thomas, Joren Vanthoor, Uwe Himmelreich, Christopher Cawthorne, Christophe M. Deroose, Lien Spans, Lara Rizzotto, Eleonora Leucci, Anne-Sophie Van Rompuy, Asif Muneer, Maarten Albersen and in collaboration with the European Reference Network for rare urogenital diseases and complex conditions (eUROGEN)

EAU Research Foundation NIMBUS Study Group: Treatment of High Grade Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Carcinoma by Standard Number and Dose of BCG Instillations versus Reduced Number and Standard Dose of BCG Instillations. Results of the Phase III Clinical Trial ‘NIMBUS

Marc-Oliver Grimm, Toine van der Heijden, Marc Colombel, Luis Martinez Pineiro, Tim Muilwijk, Marek Babjuk, Levent N. Turkeri, Joan Palou, Anup Patel, Anders Bjartell, Christien Caris, Raymond Schipper, Wim Witjes

Trial in Progress: The European Active Surveillance of Renal Cell Carcinoma Study (EASE RCC Study)

S.T.C Shepherd, A. Bex, A. Bjartell, G.D. Stewart, C. Blick, S. Bromage, S. Turajlic, W. Witjes, A. Volpe