Mini-laparoscopy in urology

ESUT in European Urology Today: Mini-laparoscopy in urology

Needlescopic surgery is here (again) to stay Global adaptation and widespread use of minimally invasive procedures in all aspects of urological surgery demonstrate a constantly increasing interest in reducing perioperative morbidity in urology. In an attempt to reduce even...
Attitude tracking technology

ESUT in European Urology Today: Attitude tracking technology

New techniques expand horizons in minimally invasive urology Electronics and computer science are merging more and more with modern urology. From the development of robotic surgery to fine-tipped video ´chip-on-a-stick´ endoscopes, urologists are lucky to be working in a...
ESUT’s dynamic presence in Milan

ESUT in Uropean Urology Today: ESUT’s dynamic presence in Milan

Well attended live surgery sessions attend to attest to quality content The EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) conveyed a remarkable impression at 28th Annual EAU Congress in Milan, by hosting a series of live surgeries, hands-on-courses and presentations. By...