ESU Committees

The success of all ESU teaching activities relies greatly on the assistance of the ESU faculty, comprising 150 opinion leaders in the various urological fields. These faculty members donate their time and expertise to all teaching activities free of charge. We are very grateful to be able to call on the expertise and involvement of top experts in the various urological sub-specialties.

The following committees have been assigned by the ESU Board:

Training and research group

Developing training standards for the ESU Hands-on-Training programmes.
In close collaboration with the ESUT and the other EAU sections.

B. Van Cleynenbreugel, Leuven (BE) Chair
A. Gözen, Heilbronn (DE) Member
B. Somani, Southampton (GB) Member
D. Veneziano, Reggio Calabria (IT) Member
T. Brouwers, EAU Coordinator



30-minute webinars addressing current treatments and controversies in various fields within urology. Leading experts from all over the world explain the latest developments in a concise presentation and give ample opportunities to interact and pose questions.

M. Rouprêt, Paris (FR) Chair
T. Brouwers, EAU Coordinator


Online education: Online courses

With EAU Education Online, the European School of Urology provides up-to-date information for urologists and residents worldwide.

Courses on EAU Education Online are prepared by urologists from all over Europe, supported by the e-learning specialists of the EAU, delivering high standard, up-to-date courses.

All accredited courses comply with the EU-ACME and UEMS/EACCME guidelines for e-learning, and the information provided is in line with the EAU Clinical Guidelines.

J. Angulo, Madrid (ES) Chair
M. Drake, Bristol (GB) Chair
J. Palou, Barcelona (ES) Chair
M. Rodriguez, EAU Coordinator


Patient information

The main aim of Patient Information is to inform and educate patients and their families about the condition they have been diagnosed with, treatment options and follow-up. Every urological patient should have access to the highest quality patient information without having to wade through medical language that is difficult to understand. EAU Patient Information offers information written in lay language, encouraging a meaningful dialogue between the doctor and the patient.

EAU Patient Information has a Working Group which consists of members from the Young Urologists Office (YUO/YAU), ESRU and EAUN, with Prof Dr Thorsten Bach as chairman. Each member will serve a term of two years during which they are responsible for developing new patient information, updating existing topics and exploring new ways, like animated videos and 3D rotatable images, to further expand the Patient Information initiative.

T. Bach, Hamburg (DE) Chair
J. Oosterman, EAU Coordinator


Surgery in Motion School

Surgery in Motion School is an online educational video platform that enables surgeons to easily navigate to their surgical procedure of interest, explore specific steps within the procedure, compare different techniques (robotics, laparoscopy, endourology, open surgery) and examine the different approaches by other surgeons. Every procedure deals also with special techniques, special patient indications and complication management. The new video platform is a joint effort by the European Association of Urology (EAU), the European School of Urology (ESU) and European Urology (EU), and is a recently developed feature of Surgery in Motion (SiM).

J. Catto, Sheffield (GB) Chair
A. Mottrie, Aalst (BE) Chair
J. Palou, Barcelona (ES) Chair

A. Bachmann, Basel (CH) Section editor Endourology Lower Urinary Tract
C. Gratzke, Munich (DE) Section editor Open Surgery
A. Mottrie, Aalst (BE) Section editor robotics
J. Rassweiler, Heilbronn (DE) Section editor laparoscopy
A. Skolarikos, Athens (GR) Section editor Endourology Upper Urinary Tract

G. Gandaglia, Aalst (BE) Co-editor
R. Sanchez Salas, Paris (FR) Co-editor
L. Tunc, Ankara (TR) Co-editor

J. Oosterman, EAU Coordinator