The EAU Section Office

The EAU Section Office actively brings attention to and develops subspecialist fields in urology. Twelve EAU Sections are included in its structure, together covering a wide range of topics.

Within the EAU structure, the sections represent a platform for narrowly-focused collaboration. The sections create opportunities for urologists to meet and exchange experiences with like-minded colleagues. The sections also run many ambitious projects, organise meetings and educational activities.

The work is often multidisciplinary in nature, and many of the projects are a result of joints effort across sections and other members of the EAU structure – the European School of Urology and the European Urology Scholarship Programme amongst others.

Latest News


2nd EULIS Postgraduate Workshop comes to Budapest

The EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS) is hosting its second postgraduate workshop in Budapest, Hungary on April 10-11. The two-day workshop offers an intensive programme that covers epidemiology, prevention, diagnostics and treatment options for stone disease. Please visit the meeting website for a complete overview of the scientific programme and all the details on registration.

5 years of STEPS: the way forward ESOU

5 years of STEPS: the way forward

2015 marks the 5th anniversary of the successful “Sessions To Evaluate ProgresS in the management of urological cancers” (STEPS). The meetings are chaired by ESOU Chairman, Professor Maurizio Brausi. This innovative partnership between ESOU, IPSEN and the EAU provides a unique opportunity for young clinicians to engage in discussion with opinion leaders in prostate, bladder, […]

The EAU Section Office

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