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The EAU organises some of Europe’s most respected scientific urological congresses and meetings. Annual EAU Congress attracts a record number of more than 13,000 participants each year!

The Regional Meetings provide a platform where new clinical or experimental work from the region is presented to an international audience.

The subspecialty meetings help scientists to move forward in their very specific specialty.

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Romania will host the 18th edition of the Central European Meeting (CEM18), the longest-running regional meeting co-organised in almost two decades by the European Association of Urology (EAU) with national societies in Central Europe.

Georgian Association of Oncological Urology has planned to hold a congress of unprecedented scale on 26-27th October, 2018. Participators of the event are among the top one specialist-experts from all over the world. Outstanding scientists and doctors from USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will perform the congress

Immuno-Oncology Bootcamp for the Oncologist

Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna- Wachau Valley -

CME Riverboat Conference:  Immuno-Oncology Bootcamp for the Oncologist Is trying to keep up with the emerging but important field of IO giving you a headache? The first of its kind lecture series on all clinical aspects of IO as it relates to several different types of cancer is the focus of this series. Not only […]