Open Call for EAU Guidelines Muscle-invasive and Metastatic Bladder Cancer Panel Chair Position

The EAU Guidelines Office is starting the search for a chair of the Muscle-invasive and Metastatic Bladder Cancer Panel.

The Guidelines Office (GO) is responsible for all aspects of EAU Guidelines development including: the effective functioning of the individual Guideline Panels; internal and external multidisciplinary collaborations with other EAU Offices and associated (patient) organisations; and all guidelines associated activities e.g. guidelines dissemination and social media, web-based guidelines material, EAU Guidelines app, associated projects e.g., IMAGINE, PIONEER and OPTIMA etc.

The aim of the EAU Guidelines is to assist practicing clinicians in making informed decisions, taking the highest quality scientific evidence and their patient’s personal circumstances, values and preferences into account.

The development of the EAU Guidelines is supported by a dedicated Guidelines Office Methods Committee, Dissemination Committee and Associates Committee. The Methods Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of methodological standards across all EAU Guidelines and the methodological training of all Guidelines Office members. The Dissemination Committee is responsible for promoting the dissemination of the EAU Guidelines through discussion and feedback from guidelines users. The Associates Committee oversees the Guidelines Office Associates programme aimed at training young urologist in Guidelines methodology under the mentorship of experienced full Panel members.

The EAU Guidelines Office Board oversees and supports all EAU Guidelines Committees and facilitates all aspects of guidelines development, through the active promotion of continuous quality improvement, establishing priorities for the strategic development of the EAU Guidelines Office.

The aims of the EAU

  • to act as the representative body for European urologists and facilitate the continued development of urology and all its subspecialities;
  • to foster the highest standards of urological care throughout Europe;
  • to encourage urological research and enable the broadcasting of its results;
  • to promote contributions to the medical and scientific literature by its members;
  • to promote European urological achievements worldwide;
  • to establish standards for training and European urological practice;
  • to contribute to the determination of European urological health care policies;
  • to disseminate high quality urological information to patients and public;
  • to promote multidisciplinary urological care.

What you will do

The Muscle-invasive and Metastatic Bladder Cancer Panel (MIBC) Chair is an essential part of the MIBC Guideline team within the EAU Guideline Office. The individual in this role is a proactive community builder, who builds virtual networks of contributors involved in the common objective of developing an evidence-based guideline focused on MIBC.

The EAU guidelines office currently produces 20 individual guidelines. Each is updated every 1-3 years depending upon the rate of development in that area. The guideline on MIBC will formally update the text every year.

The individual in this role will thrive in a purpose-driven, fast-paced environment as the EAU GO is poised to introduce a significant number of new concepts in the coming years. Generating excitement and leveraging upon the collective experience and intelligence around the topic will support and advance the care of patients suffering from MIBC.

The chair shall serve a four-year term, once renewable. There will be an initial review of progress after the first year.

Your responsibilities

The chair will:

  • provide leadership and co-ordination of the contributions to the EAU guidelines on MIBC, including overall responsibility for the guideline’s manuscript.
  • convene and preside over the meeting of the EAU Guidelines panel on MIBC.
  • ensure alignment with GO strategies and policies as well as contribute to the implementation of the of the EAU GO strategic vision.
  • adhere to and implement the agreed production methodology (responsible for the evidence base and literature identification).
  • ensures effective communication and team working relationships both between members of the guideline panel and with the EAU GO staff.
  • Review and assess the functioning of panel members in conjunction with the GO staff and intervene when required.
  • generate content that spreads best practices, acknowledges contributors and that triggers conversations to exchange ideas and produce improvement in practice across the field of bladder cancer.
  • comply with the EAU GO’s disclosure and conflict of interest policy, ensuring that Conflicts of interest (CoIs) are reported for all members of the panel appropriately and in a timely manner as well as ensure that reporting of CoIs are recognised.
  • promote sharing at various forums to drive connections and foster a community around bladder cancer.
  • promote the EAU Guidelines on MIBC via social media with the support of the dissemination committee.
  • look to collaborate with other EAU guideline panels and external groups on topics of mutual interest.
  • work with other EAU guidelines chairs to protect the EAU GO brand.
  • contribute to the implementation of the of the EAU GO strategic vision.
  • maintain confidentiality.


  • Will lead 1-2 Guidelines meetings per year.
  • Will attend 2 meetings with the EAU board per year (1 face-to-face and 1 virtual).
  • Will respond promptly to correspondence from EAU GO and the EAU Central Office staff.
  • Will deliver Guidelines text on time and in the format described by the EAU GO.

The incumbent may be asked to perform other function-related activities in addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities as reasonably required by the EAU GO.

You will need to have

  • Recognised leadership in the field.
  • Been appointed as a consultant with an active clinical practice substantially focused on bladder cancer.
  • Active EAU membership and European practicing Urologist.
  • Fluency in English (both oral and written) as the official language of the association is English.
  • Demonstrated project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Effective communication skills with ability to enthuse others.
  • Previous experience of guidelines development/methodology.
  • Experience developing and publishing systematic reviews.
  • Embraced EAU Culture and Values.

We would prefer for you to have:

  • Prior experience in chairing national or international projects.
  • Experience with EAU Guidelines.
  • Familiarity with Cochrane methodology.


Individuals wishing to apply must submit a Curriculum Vitae along with a personal Statement of Interest indicating their understanding of the position and a project idea for the panel. Furthermore, a completed non-disclosure and conflict of interest form.

Please note that a person may not have a significant conflict as determined by the GO Board during his/her tenure as chair.

These documents should be forwarded to the EAU GO Board at by 07/03/2024.