EAU Talent Incubator Programme

Enhance your non-medical competencies through the new exciting programme of the EAU Young Urologists Office (YUO).

Patient outcomes have traditionally been associated with surgeons technical skills and knowledge of medicine, institutional volume, and the rehabilitation/recovery rates of patients. Despite the recognised value of non-technical skills for surgeons (NOTSS), or so-called “soft skills”, little-to-no time is spent on skills like decision-making, communication and teamwork during surgical or medical education.

The EAU Young Urologist Office has therefore investigated the needs amongst young urologists in this field with the Talent Incubator Programme as a result. The mission of this programme is to contribute to the formation of more complete and empowered young urologists and residents, which is aligned with the purpose of the EAU of generating better and more homogeneous urological care, resulting in reduced patient morbidity and mortality and improved outcomes.

In a series of 4 bootcamps several non-technical skills will be addressed varying from leadership & communication, mental well-being, to digital technology and research & trials. Each module will consist of a combination of lectures by experts, also outside the field of urology, and some exercises. You can either participate in all modules or just register for the ones that attract you the most.

Module – Leadership & Communication

The ability to effectively communicate and lead a team is integral to providing the highest quality of care to your patients. Module 1 of the EAU Talent Incubator is specifically designed to focus on soft skills, communication, leadership, and management, all of which are essential components for building holistic urologists.

Module – Effective Performance & Personal Success

In a time in which we are increasingly dependent on technology and engage more and more stakeholders via an increasing number of channels, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is becoming a growing challenge. In this module, you will learn the science of a healthy and effective way of working. With practical tips and tricks, you will gain more time and energy for what matters most to you and your patients while boosting your energy and well-being.

Module – New technology & RWE

Traditional research methods are more and more complemented with the use of Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and large language models. These new technologies will accelerate the generation of real-world evidence (RWE) to fill the gaps in urological practices and to develop clinical decision-making support tools to personalize urological care. This is exactly the ecosystem that will be addressed in this module.

Module – Policy & Innovation

How do you bring trials to your institution? And how do you work with industry in a legitimate and collaborative way? These are some of the topics of the last module that focuses on the practical side of running trials. No hardcore analytics and number crunching but the softer side of successfully conducting research, securing funding and driving innovations to improve healthcare.

Fees and inclusions

This accredited programme is open for residents or young urologists aged 45 years or younger. You can either participate in 1 module or follow the full track. EAU members get a 40% discount on the registration fee and if you want to join all 4 modules, you will only pay for 3 modules.


EAU Member

Non-EAU Member


€ 600

€ 750


€ 350

€ 450

Refreshments and snacks during coffee breaks, lunch, and 1 dinner with participants and faculty are included. For hotel accommodation at the meeting venue, we offer competitive room rates for participants.