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Frequently asked questions about a meeting or congress registration

Why do I need to sign up (create a MyEAU account)?

You need to sign up using your own private or business address details and your own email address in order to receive your registration confirmation and invoice. Once you have done this, you can start the online registration process. If you sign up using other details than yours, we are not able to process your registration. Create your MyEAU account here.

I’m making the registration for a group of delegates and don’t participate in the event myself. How do I make the registration?

Also if you are only the contact person, you still need to login with your own MyEAU account, or create an account first. At the first step in the registration page you can select the option “register someone else” and register the delegates. This way we know you are the contact person of the group. The confirmation e-mail, invoice and e-ticket(s) (if applicable) will be send to you directly and not to the delegates.

I am an EAU Member. While making an online registration, I notice that I’m not receiving the Member discount on my registration fee. What should I do?

Please make sure that you login with your existing MyEAU account, to which your EAU Membership is connected. Otherwise the system will not recognize you as a member.

I’ve registered for an event. How can I register for an extra (like a training course, meeting, dinner) if my online registration is already completed?

You can add these extras to your existing registration, as soon as these extras become available online. Please choose the event you registered for here, and log in. You should see a button to ‘book extras’. You can make the payment online by credit card.

Please note that this option is only available for those with an individual registration. Those who are registered by a third party can use the form above to contact the EAU Registrations Department. In your message, please include your contact details and which course you want to register for. The ESU course (if still available) will be included in your registration by the registration staff and a new invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

How do I receive my invitation letter?

In order to be allowed to receive an invitation letter, you first need to register for the event that you are interested in. Once you have registered, you can contact the Registrations Department and ask for an invitation letter.

Frequently asked questions about the EAU membership

Why can’t I log in to MyEAU?
  • If you do not remember your username, please click here.
  • If you do not remember your password, you can reset it here.
  • Please make sure to fill in your default email address and check your spam or junk email folder to see if you have received the reset link.
Why can’t I access European Urology?

Is your EAU membership active? You can check this by logging into your MyEAU account and checking MyEAU Profile > Membership

If yes, did you already claim your online access at Visit the journal’s website and select “Claim” at the top right corner. You will need to register for an account if you haven’t already. Once registered and/or logged in, you will be prompted to “Activate Online Access”. You will need your EAU member ID (eg: EAU-123456) and your last name exactly as registered in your MyEAU account. When your claim is activated, you can log in on and get full access to the current journal. You can use this account to access any of the EU Journals.

If you still have trouble accessing European Urology, please contact Membership using the form above.

I have paid my annual membership dues. Did you receive my payment?

If you paid via credit card, the processing time is normally 2 - 15 minutes. If you paid via bank transfer, the processing time is 5-7 days.

After payment please check if the Amount Open has changed to 0 on this page in MyEAU.

How do I get a payment receipt?

Please send your request to the EAU Membership Office via the form above.

I received an invoice for Active (international) membership, but I am still a resident/urologist-in-training, how do I proceed?

Please send a valid proof of status document: A copy of a letter by the Chief of your department ratifying your status as urologist-in-training listing also your anticipated date of certification as urologist, (in English or translated)

I am a member of the national society of urology of my country. Am I now also a member of EAU?

Please contact your national society of urology. They will be able to answer if there is an en-bloc membership agreement with EAU and if you are (already) part of this agreement.

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