Research & Science

Research is a vital prerequisite in advancing urological care and improving patient outcomes, as well as, reducing costs. Our extensive network and independent position in European urology enable us to pinpoint the most urgent needs and address these by designing and running clinical trials and registries and managing one of the biggest data platforms in urology.

Real world data

As real world data (RWD) plays an increasingly important role in clinical research, we aspire to procure robust RWD insights which will fill knowledge gaps and aid in decision making. By participating in innovative projects like PIONEER and OPTIMA, the EAU is actively gaining knowledge of how big data can improve health outcomes and healthcare systems in Europe.

The European network with centres of excellence for Big Data in prostate cancer is growing. This leads to an extensive data-driven platform that will assemble, standardise, harmonise, and analyse high-quality big data from diverse populations of prostate cancer patients across different stages of the disease. Consequently, this will provide evidence-based data that can improve the decision-making of key stakeholders.

EAU UroEvidenceHub

The European Association of Urology is launching a new data innovation programme: the EAU UroEvidenceHub, a Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation ecosystem that will use artificial intelligence and data science to accelerate research and personalised care for patients with urological diseases. The EAU UroEvidenceHub will bring together experts in urology, RWE generation, artificial intelligence in healthcare, epidemiology, data science and guideline development to address evidence gaps in urological care.

Passionate about research?

Interested in pursuing a career in urological research? Partake in fellowships and scholarships at reputable European institutions, and team up with the experts of the Young Academic Urologists in clinical and experimental research.

Enrich and maximise your acquisition of data, share and acquire knowledge from key opinion leaders, and join diverse research activities such as:


Take part in innovatory clinical and experimental research through our scholarships. Observe experts in action, visit prestigious institutions, and help urological research flourish through our scholarships.

Young Academic Urologists

Advance your academic career and strengthen your scientific skills as a member of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU). The YAU is a key player in the development of clinical, educational and investigation projects aimed to promote first-rate studies that produce solid clinical evidence.

Current research projects

Currently, the EAU has numerous ongoing projects (recruiting and not recruiting), as well as, projects that have reached completion. We invite you to partake in our research activities and explore our extensive investigator database.