EAU Section of Infections in Urology (ESIU)

The ESIU promotes research and evidence synthesis for the diagnosis and treatment of infections and inflammations in the urinary tract and male genital system. The section aims to stimulate prospective studies and the formulation of the Guidelines based on the best evidence.

Our activities

The ESIU encourages a pan-European perspective by organising scientific sessions and discussion forums at national and international meetings.

EAU Guidelines on Urological Infections

The ESUI is closely involved in the development of the EAU Guidelines on urological infections which are updated on a yearly basis.

GPIU Study

The ESUI is the initiator of the Global Prevalence Study on Infections in Urology (GPIU-study) and the GPIU Prostate Biopsy Side Study. Since 2003, the GPIU study is taking part annually in November. European urologists were the first group of specialists to register hospital-acquired infections on an international level. More than 20,000 patients have been screened and more than 2,000 patients are currently listed in this database.