EAU Section of Outpatient and Office Urology (ESUO)

Urological conditions affecting out-patients are not as severe as diseases that require treatment in a hospital. However, these patients need more specialised care than what a general practitioner can offer. Outpatient and Office urologists manage the full breadth of urological conditions but focus on diseases with a moderate extent.

Our objectives

The ESUO aims to:

  • Define issues related to office urologists’ scientific and clinical interests
  • Create a network of office urologists across Europe
  • Collaborate with national associations and affiliated groups with regard to issues affecting office urology
  • Examine the working conditions (features and organisation) of office urologists in Europe to clearly define the scope of office urology and enable the planning of relevant activities
  • Offer courses on relevant issues during the Annual EAU Congress and in other EAU-organised meetings in close cooperation with other EAU Sections
  • Collaborate with scientific organisations in European countries in national meetings
  • Participate in the EAU’s e-learning activities to cater to the needs of office urologists who prefer home-based education;
  • Continue the regular column in the European Urology Today newsletter
  • Provide a literature and slide service to office urologists focussing particularly on research outcomes directly related to their specialty, and
  • Offer the participation in own scientific studies focussing the outpatient care

For who

The ESUO’s activities are meant to serve all outpatient and office urologists, including non-EAU members. We also welcome urologists from out-patient departments of clinics, resident doctors who are urologists-in-training, and career urologists with a deep interest in office urology.