EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR)

Before ESUR was an EAU Section, it was the independent body European Society for Urological Oncology and Endocrinology (ESUOE). Initially, ESUOE comprised a small group of scientists who generally focused on malignant diseases. At present, the ESUR covers basic and translational research in all areas of urology.

What we do

The ESUR regularly organises various events, and also holds joint sessions with other EAU sections at the Annual EAU Congress. The ESUR collaborates with EU projects such as PRO-NEST (Prostate Research Organizations-Network of Early Stage Training) which offers training on prostate cancer research. We also participate in programmes of the European School of Urology.

The ESUR provides an international platform to discuss research with peers. With over 20 years of experience in helping to conduct clinically relevant research, this section is perfectly positioned to further develop novel therapies. One of these opportunities for learning is the ESUR annual meeting, where researchers can connect and gain access to the latest updates in their specialties.

For who

The ESUR consists of and works for members from diverse fields such as molecular biology, immunology, epidemiology, biochemistry, pathology, and clinical urological science. The section also serves medical doctors who perform basic and translational research and urologists who work as academic clinicians.