Aside from its many publications, the EAU History Office is involved in several long-term projects that further the understanding of the past of Urology.

The European Museum of Urology
Over the past three years, the History Office has documented urological artefacts in collections across Europe, unifying them all in one pan-European Museum of Urology. Though geographically divided, in the European Museum of Urology, rare and historic instruments can be viewed side-by-side in a virtual collection. The Museum also presents printed materials from the hands of the History Office in a new, digital form, narrating the earliest developments in the field.

International Congress
In addition to the regular ‘History of Urology’ sessions at the Annual EAU Congress, the History Office periodically hosts its own International Congresses. The 6th International Congress on the History of Urology will take place in conjunction with the 31st Annual EAU Congress in Munich. The Congress offers a full-day programme, open to any urologist interested in the origins of his or her profession, or indeed anyone interested in medical history!

Oral History
The History Office of the EAU is dedicated to documenting the experiences of pioneering urologists, most of whom have since retired. By capturing their personal histories in the form of long interviews or conversations with colleagues, an insight into the past is preserved for the future of our field. The first results of this long-running project will be available soon.