The many publications of the History Office can be found in three distinct categories.

De Historia Urologiae Europaeae
The ”De Historia Urologiae Europaeae” series examines the ideas and the work of medical practitioners from the past, enabling the reader to see many of the current urology trends from a different perspective. “De Historia” is published annually by the EAU History Office in collaboration with internationally-based urologists, historians, philologists and other experts.

The EAU Classical Library
The EAU Classical Library series includes seven truly unique publications. They are based on in-depth historical research of urology-related subjects, featuring ancient, medieval and modern texts – many of which have been transcribed and translated into English for the very first time.
This series enables those with a passion for urology to look into the origins of this specialty, to understand the influences which helped it hatch, grow and mature into one of the most advanced fields of modern medicine.

The EAU Art Collection
The EAU History Office publishes a series of monographs which examine the role of urology and urology-related phenomena in the world culture- literature, art, national customs and traditions. These publications are beautifully illustrated and they offer a unique insight into the world of urology. They are very popular gifts and coffee-table books!