Advancing your career

As your urological capabilities grow and develop, so does your career. Every improvement opens more doors. Our programmes and activities for young urologists offer opportunities to elevate your knowledge and skills, connect you with fellow urologists from around the world (even with peers from different disciplines), exchange best practices and problem-solving approaches, and have renowned senior urologists as mentors. Take the initiative and join the following programmes and activities now:


Reinforce your knowledge with solid fundamentals in urology. Hone your skills during the hands-on training under the guidance of experts. Immerse yourself in the best practices. Present and defend your insights on clinical cases during the Challenger sessions.


Expect a rich diversity of curricula designed to develop your core subject knowledge and skills. Our masterclasses can also offer you opportunities to practice key techniques and strategies under the tutelage of renowned experts.

Educational platforms

UROONCO Prostate Cancer

For the best-curated content on prostate cancer, explore UROONCO Prostate Cancer for trial updates, access to dedicated EAU Guidelines, educational activities, events, and more.

UROONCO Bladder Cancer

Access valuable resources on bladder cancer: enjoy the latest Article of the Month, get updates on ongoing trials, and elevate your knowledge via the dedicated EAU Guidelines. These and more at UROONCO Bladder Cancer.

UROONCO Kidney Cancer

UROONCO Kidney Cancer offers a comprehensive compilation of editorials, exclusive interviews with experts, learning resources, the latest EAU Guidelines, and other relevant resources on kidney cancer.


Expect novel science, discussions on controversies in treating male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), relevant changes in clinical practice, and top recommendations by experts via UROLUTS.


Visit prestigious institutions, team up with experts, and undertake innovatory clinical and experimental research. Join the scholarships of the European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP).

YUO and YAU memberships

The Young Urologist Office (YUO) offers promising junior urologists the optimal platform to enhance their capabilities. The YUO is the coordinating body for the Young Academic Urologists (YAU), which actively participates in the development of clinical, educational and investigational projects.