Advanced Prostate Cancer – Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC)

This course series Advanced Prostate Cancer gives clinicians a complete view on clinical aspects, diagnosis, and treatments of prostate cancer. This course series contains five courses, each of them addresses an important topic in diagnosis, treatment, and management of prostate cancer. Each course is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) for 1 to 3  European CME credits(ECMEC). The five courses are:

Course 1: Basis of ADT (published in March 2020)
Course 2: Hormone-sensitive nmPCa
Course 3: Metastatic hormone-sensitive PCa (published in June 2020)
Course 4: Non-metastatic CRPC (published in November 2020)
Course 5: Metastatic CRPC

This course Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer is the fifth part of the course series.

The development of this course has been supported by Jansen with a concession of an unrestricted educational grant.

Learning Objectives

This series of five e-courses aims to provide HCPs with a complete view of the management of Advanced Prostate Cancer. Users of this training are expected to progress their knowledge in the clinical aspects and management of prostate cancer. Specific learning objectives are as follows:

  • Definition of Hormone sensitive nmPCa / nmPCa / MPCa / CRPC and classification
  • Information about diagnostic tools, how to combine them and the value of their results
  • Information on prognosis factors, predictive factors and patient stratification
  • Information about treatment options, how to combine them, their differences and side-effects, when to progress to the next treatment stage, and how to evaluate these
  • Information on sound clinical decision making for patients with nmPCa, MPCa, Metastatic CRPC, and nmCRPC
  • Evaluation of learners’ knowledge about treatment of nmPCa, MPCa, Metastatic CRPC, and nmCRPC and their ability to apply this knowledge in devising care pathways for patients


Chapter 1: Definition
Chapter 2: Biological mechanisms
Chapter 3: Disease heterogeneity
Chapter 4: First-line treatment
Chapter 5: Follow-up and progression
Chapter 6: Second- and further lines
Chapter 7: Potential future: biomarkers / drugs

At a glance

  • Publication date: January 2021
  • Last update: May 2021
  • Available languages: English
  • Topic: Prostate cancer
  • Duration: 150 – 180 minutes approximately
  • CME: 3 European CME credits (ECMEC)

Contributing Authors

Main author:
Prof. Dr. N. Mottet (Chair of the EAU PCa Guidelines Panel)