EAU Guidelines Office

The production of the EAU Guidelines is co-ordinated by the EAU Guidelines Office. The EAU Guidelines Office oversees the activities of more than 300 international experts working across seventeen dedicated guidelines panels and two ad-hoc panels.

The Guidelines Office is responsible for all aspects of EAU Guidelines development including: the effective functioning of the individual Guideline Panels; internal and external collaborations with other EAU Offices and associated organisations; and all guidelines associated activities e.g. guidelines dissemination and social media, web-based guidelines material, EAU Guidelines app, associated projects e.g., IMAGINE, PIONEER and OPTIMA etc.

The aim of the EAU Guidelines is to assist practicing clinicians in making informed decisions; taking the highest quality scientific evidence and their patient’s personal circumstances, values and preferences into account.

The development of the EAU Guidelines is supported by a dedicated Guidelines Office Methods Committee, Dissemination Committee and Associates Committee. The Methods Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of methodological standards across all EAU Guidelines and the methodological training of all Guidelines Office members. The Dissemination Committee is responsible for promoting the dissemination of the EAU Guidelines through discussion and feedback from guidelines users. The Associates Committee oversees the Guidelines Office Associates programme aimed at training young urologist in Guidelines methodology under the mentorship of experienced full Panel members.

The EAU Guidelines Office Board oversees and supports all EAU Guidelines Committees and facilitates all aspects of guidelines development, through the active promotion of continuous quality improvement; establishing priorities for the strategic development of the EAU Guidelines Office.