Associated projects

IMAGINE: IMpact Assessment of Guidelines Implementation and Education

IMAGINE aims to measure baseline adherence to EAU Guidelines recommendations across Europe and identify barriers which drive non-adherence. To effectively achieve its goals, IMAGINE has launched a European wide multi-centre retrospective observational study in collaboration with European National Urological Societies endorsing the EAU Guidelines. Through the development of a dedicated data collection platform and the establishment of the Pan-European National Urological Society IMAGINE Collaborative, the project has collected baseline adherence data from more than 6,500 patients across 165 centres. This initial audit will provide a robust map of guideline adherence to the chosen recommendations as well as a validated platform to map adherence to other recommendations. Analysis is ongoing with initial results expected April 2022.

IMAGINE: The Next Frontier for Harmonising Urological Practice Across Europe by Improving Adherence to Guidelines

PIONEER: European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer

PIONEER is part of the Innovative Medicine Initiative’s (IMI’s) “Big Data for Better Outcomes” (BD4BO) umbrella programme. The BD4BO mission is to improve health outcomes and healthcare systems in Europe by maximising the potential of Big Data.

The PIONEER Big Data Platform offers a central and federated state-of-the-art Big Data analytic platform for prostate cancer. The platforms anonymous data is harmonised to the European Common Data Model, OMOP-CDM, following all legal and ethical requirements. The platform brings together diverse datasets, contributed by PIONEER Partners and Associated Members, including the pharmaceutical industry, hospital electronic health records, large registry studies and interventional, and non-interventional trials. The PIONEER Big Data platform is about building an open and transparent infrastructure that enables a collaborative research environment to improve prostate cancer care for patients and their families focusing on: prostate cancer-related outcomes; health system efficiency; and the quality of health and social care across Europe.

PIONEER will make a meaningful contribution towards improved patient stratification, and improved identification of low- and high-risk patients, including which patients are more likely to respond to a specific treatment. PIONEER’s results will improve evidence-based shared decision-making for all prostate cancer patients, ultimately minimising inequalities between all European prostate cancer patients through the standardisation of care pathways across Europe.

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OPTIMA: Optimal treatment for patients with solid tumours in Europe through artificial intelligence

The aim of OPTIMA is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to advance treatments and facilitate decision-making for physicians and patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer.

At the heart of OPTIMA will be Europe’s first interoperable, large scale oncology data and evidence generation platform with data from over 200 million people. The platform, which will be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, will host data sets, data analysis tools, federated learning tools, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

The project will use the platform to drive the generation of new knowledge by developing advanced analytics and AI models to identify, prioritise and fill the main knowledge gaps in prostate, breast and lung cancer, and propose improved clinical guideline recommendations. Finally, they will develop AI-based decision support tools that can help clinicians, together with their patients, make treatment decisions based on the leading clinical practice guidelines.

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