EAU Guidelines - Disclaimer

The European Association of Urology (EAU) Clinical Guidelines© published by the EAU Guidelines Office are systematically developed evidence statements incorporating data from a comprehensive literature review of the most recent studies available (up to their search cut-off dates).

The aim of clinical guidelines is to help clinicians to make informed decisions about their patients. However, adherence to a guideline does not guarantee a successful outcome. Ultimately, healthcare professionals must make their own treatment decisions about care on a case-by-case basis, after consultation with their patients, using their clinical judgement, knowledge and expertise. A guideline is not intended to take the place of physician judgment in diagnosing and treatment of particular patients.

Guidelines may not be complete or accurate. The EAU and their Guidelines Office, and members of their boards, officers and employees disclaim all liability for the accuracy or completeness of a guideline, and disclaim all warranties, express or implied to their incorrect use or the incorrect use of materials derived from the Guidelines.

Due to their unique nature – as international guidelines, the EAU Guidelines are not embedded within one distinct healthcare setting – variations in clinical settings, resources, or common patient characteristics, are not accounted for.

Guidelines users are urged to always seek out newer information that might impact the diagnostic and treatment recommendations contained within a guideline.