The EAU Guidelines are recognised as an important source of clinician guidance for practicing urologists, and clinicians from bordering specialties, around the world. The EAU Guidelines are currently endorsed by more than 75 international societies, including all 27 EU Member States.

Endorsement of a guideline implies support or general approval of its content, acknowledging the value and quality of these documents. In most cases the national urological guidelines will exist alongside the EAU Guidelines. EAU Guidelines will not, and cannot, replace the need for national and local guidelines.

On behalf of the EAU Guidelines Office, we thank you for your continued support and inspiration.

Algerian Association of Urology
Argentinian Society of Urology
Armenian Association of Urology
Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand
The Austrian Urological Society
The Belarusian Association of Urology
Belgische Vereniging Urologie
The British Association of Urological Surgeons
The Bulgarian Association of Urology
La Societat Catalana D’Urologia
La Sociedad Chilena de Urología
The Chinese Urological Association
La Sociedad Colombiana de Urología
Asociación Costarricense de Cirugía Urológica
The Croatian Society of Urology
The Cyprus Urological Association
The Czech Urological Society
The Danish Urological Society
La Sociedad Dominicana de Urologia
The Dutch Association of Urology
The Estonian Society of Urologists
The Finnish Urological Association
The French Association of Urology
The Georgian Urological Association
The German Urological Association
Asociación Guatemalteca de Urologia
The Hellenic Urological Association
The Hong Kong Urological Association
The Hungarian Urological Association
The Indonesian Urological Association
The Irish Society of Urology
The Italian Association of Urology
The Kosovo Urological Association
The Latvian Association of Urology
The Lebanese Urological Society
The Lithuanian Urological Society
The Macedonian Association of Urology
The Malaysian Urological Association
The Maltese Association of Urology
The Mexican Society of Urologists
The Myanmar Nephro-Urology Society
The Norwegian Urological Association
Pakistan Endourological Society
Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons
The Pan Africa Urological Surgeons Association
La Sociedad Peruana de Urologia
The Philippine Urological Association
The Polish Urological Association
The Portuguese Urological Association
The Romanian Association of Urology
The Russian Society of Urology
The Singapore Urological Association
Société Belge d'Urologie
The Slovak Urological Society
The Slovenian Urological Association
The South African Urological Association
The Spanish Association of Urology
The Sudanese Urological Association
The Swedish Urology Association
The Swiss Society of Urology
The Taiwan Urological Association
The Tehran University of Medical Sciences Faculty of Urology
The Turkish Association of Urology
The Thai Urological Association
The Urological Society of India
The Urological Association of Serbia
The Ukrainian Association of Urology
The Vietnam Urology & Nephrology Association
La Sociedad Venezolana de Urología
Brazilian Urological Association
The Icelandic Urological Association
The Luxembourg Society of Urology
The Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons
The Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons