Recording: Advances in safety in the treatment of PCa

Published Wed, 1 Sep 2021
Recorded WebinarProstate CancerOncology
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME Not approved
Duration Approx. 60 minutes

Pre-recording by Dr. Alan So (CUA)
Safety data – GNRH Analogues, focus on CVD risk profile
– PCa therapy induced CVD toxicity
– ADT plus newer antiandrogens
– Radiotherapy alone or in combination
– Data from latest trials – HERO

Pre-recording by Prof. dr. Axel Merseburger (EAU)
Safety data – mHSPC therapy and CVD risk profile
– Data from animal models & basic research
– Other treatment modalities (chemotherapy, surgery, ADT alone or in combination)
– New treatment modalities and CVD toxicity

Live webinar
– Case study (incl. cardiac biomarkers) by Ass. Prof. dr. Katie Zhang (ICOS)
– Q&A by panellists Dr. Alan So & Prof. Axel Merseburger

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