Bulbar urethral stricture management

Published Tue, 13 Apr 2021
E CourseReconstructive Urology
Organiser European School of Urology
Duration Approx. 60 – 90 minutes

Bulbar urethral strictures are the most common 'type' of urethral stricture disease affecting men of all ages and varying from simple to complex. This course provides cutting edge evidence-based management for each type of bulbar stricture from three newly established experts in this field. By the end of the course, you will have knowledge of the options, techniques and outcomes for managing all types of bulbar urethral stricture (from short to long, primary or recurrent) in all types of patient (from young and fit, to old and unfit).

Dr. Marjan Waterloos (BE) will discuss the endoscopic management of short bulbar strictures and show us when and how to perform non-transecting and transecting excision and primary anastomosis. Dr. Felix Campos Juanatey (ES) will similarly enlighten us on when and how to perform substitution single stage urethroplasty. Finally, Dr. Saskia Morgenstern (DE) will show us how to manage the more complex urethral stricture and/or patients with stage urethroplasty or perineal urethrostomy.

Associate Prof. Tamsin Greenwell (GB) will moderate – ensuring plenty of time for audience interaction and an enjoyable learning experience.

This course is presented by renowned experts in the field from the EAU Section of EAU Section of Genito-Reconstructive Surgeons (ESGURS) and the EAU Guidelines Office.

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