Recording: Developments in perioperative immunotherapy for bladder and kidney cancers


A. Necchi, Milan (IT)
A. Bex, London (GB)
J. Bedke, Tübingen (DE)

Published Thu, 24 Jun 2021
Recorded WebinarKidney CancerBladder CancerOncologyEAU Section Of Oncological Urology
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME Not approved
Duration Approx. 70 minutes

Latest developments and future directions of perioperative immunotherapy in bladder cancer

Old paradigms and next destinations of perioperative immune-checkpoint inhibition in kidney cancer

Clinical case-series: Perioperative treatment with immune-checkpoint inhibitors in bladder and renal cancer

Recent developments in the use of immune-checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of urologic malignancies, primarily for bladder and kidney cancers, provided healthcare providers and physician scientists with a significant momentum resulting in a number of newer therapeutic indications and clinical trials in the field. As such, this wave of therapeutic development is currently addressed to the multidisciplinary treatment of localized disease, i.e. at clinical stages that conventionally define the disease as amenable to radical resection.

In addition to the noteworthy developments of immunotherapy strategies into the preoperative setting, most recent data from large clinical trials has revitalized the role of postoperative, adjuvant immunotherapy in bladder and kidney cancers, potentially setting new therapeutic indications in these tumours.

In brief, the aims of the webinar:

To provide all the physicians and healthcare providers involved in the treatment of urologic tumors with the state-of-the art on the use of immune-checkpoint inhibitors in bladder and kidney cancers.

To provide urologists with an overview of the ongoing clinical trials throughout the clinical stages, with a special focus on neoadjuvant and adjuvant stages.

To discuss the optimal clinical management of perioperative immunotherapy, the alternative therapeutic solutions, and the major challenges to the use of checkpoint inhibition in early-stage disease.

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