On-demand education


ASCO GU24 special: Prof. Christophe Hennequin on GETUG-AFU 18 trial results

Duration: Approx. 4 minutes

Role of cytoreductive nephrectomy for mRCC with Assist. Prof. Mari and Prof. Badani

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

ASCO GU24 special: Prof. Michael Hofman talks about a novel CA IX-targeting peptide

Duration: Approx. 7 minutes

ASCO GU24 special: Prof. Nizar Tannir shares CheckMate 214 results

Duration: Approx. 13 minutes

ASCO GU24 special: Dr. Kim Chi discusses CONTACT-2 results

Duration: Approx. 5 minutes

ASCO GU24 special: Assoc. Prof. Barata discusses the results of KEYNOTE-564 and CheckMate-914

Duration: Approx. 11 minutes

ASCO GU24 special: Dr. Andrea Apolo shares AMBASSADOR results

Duration: Appeox. 8 minutes

Dr. Srikala Sridhar talks about PET imaging on staging of MIBC

Duration: Approx. 8 minutes

Dr. Nic an Riogh discusses bladder outlet obstruction in women

Duration: Approx. 14 minutes

UROONCO RCC take home message for 2023

Duration: Approx. 18 minutes

Special series: Assoc. Prof. Şener and Dr. Pietropaolo talk about networking and building professional relationships in urology

Duration: Approx. 11 minutes

Special series: Dr. Seguí-Moya talks with Prof. Brookman-May about preparing for a job interview

Duration: Approx. 23 minutes

Special series: Dr. Rai and Dr. Kamphuis talk about preparing and keeping your CV updated

Duration: Approx. 10 minutes

Special series: Ms. Moreno-Fontela and Assoc. Prof. Kasivisvanathan discuss the significant transition after residency

Duration: Approx. 23 minutes

Prof. James Catto (GB) shares results of THOR-2 cohort 1 study

Duration: Approx. 7 minutes

Dr. Agarwal shares LITESPARK-013 results: Optimal dose of belzutifan is 120mg

Duration: Approx. 4 minutes