With surgical training, the goal is to produce a surgeon who is highly competent and confident in performing laparoscopic procedures; and thereby mitigate the risks of complications.

Published Fri, 1 Apr 2022
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Because of the specific risks, visuospatial relationships, and the steep learning curve that are unique to laparoscopy, hands-on training on a box or visual simulator is the recommended way to start learning laparoscopic skills.

The European training in basic laparoscopic urological skills (E-BLUS) is a programme offered to residents and urologists who want to improve the basic skills in laparoscopy. It is a unique opportunity to train with international experts in laparoscopy. The E-BLUS programme includes:

  • Hands-on Training (HOT) courses of different levels carried out under the guidance of experienced tutors
  • A set of training-box exercises developed and validated by the Dutch project Training in Urology (TiU) to train basic skills needed in urological laparoscopy, order here
  • E-BLUS examination and certification
  • An online theoretical course

Peg transfer

Aim: To transfer the objects one by one from one side of the board to the other and back
Skill: Ambidexterity
Instruments: two graspers
Error: Dropped object (dropped object should not be picked up)
Target time: 126 seconds

Cutting a Circle
Skill: Cutting as applied in partial nephrectomy
Instruments: One scissor and one grasper
Error: Cut in or beyond the two black lines
Target time: 151 seconds
N.B.: Cutting the second layer of gauze is not recorded as an error

Needle Guidance
Skill: Ambidexterity and needle positioning in the needle drivers
Instruments: two needle drivers and one braided suture 3-0 with curved needle
Error: Entering a ring from the wrong side
Target time: 268 seconds

Laparoscopic Suturing
Aim: To tie a single knot with one double-throw and two single-throws.

Skill: Endoscopic single knot tying.

Instruments: Two needle drivers (or one needle driver and one grasper) and a braided suture 3-0 with curved needle (approx. 20cm length).


Stitch beyond 1mm of the black dots in one or both dots
A gap remains in the slit of the penrose drain after tying the knot
A slipping knot
The penrose drain comes loose from the board
The penrose drain is torn apart
Target time: 360 seconds

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