E-course: Advanced technologies and AI in endourology

Discover cutting-edge tech in endourology, integrating robots and AI for optimal urological care. Enhance skills and patient outcomes in this e-course.

Published Wed, 20 Dec 2023
E CourseUrolithiasisEndourologyArtificial Intelligence
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME 1.00
Duration Approx. 70 minutes

Endourology stands out as the predominant branch of urology. It represents a field abundant in the application of state-of-the-art technologies, dedicated to providing optimal therapies for patients and improving surgeon's tasks.

Cutting-edge technologies, both in hardware and software, are enhancing and streamlining access to the kidneys. Robots have seamlessly integrated into endourological practices, deftly navigating in the collecting system, bladder, and endoluminal spaces, reaching even the most challenging corners. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) applications are pivotal in diagnosing and planning procedures for urinary stone burdens.

This e-course will unveil the new technologies in endourology, and their notable features that can bolster your clinical practice.

Prof. Dr. A.S. Gözen (DE)
Dr. M-C. Rassweiler-Seyfried (DE)
Dr. M.E. Alvarez-Maestro (ES)
Prof. S. Güven (TR)
Prof. P. Dasgupta (GB)
Prof. K. Ahmed (GB)

This e-course is brought to you in collaboration with ESUT.

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