UROWebinar: Stone dust: What is it and how do lasers compare with each other?

The main objective of this UROwebinar is to demonstrate the value of complete fragmentation of the stone into powder.
Tue, 16 Jul 2024
CME 1.00
Location Online

The experts from the European School of Urology and the EAU Section of EndoUroTechnology (ESEUT) will provide insights on the importance of making the patient stone-free after surgery, and how this affects his future follow-up.

The new era in the treatment of lithiasis demands knowledge in the tools used by the urologist and energy sources for stone fragmentation. The main goal in treating lithiasis is to make the patient stone free. The best practice to achieve this goal is to completely dissolve the stone and create dust that will easily be expelled from the patient's urinary system.

The experts will also discuss whether the different types of lasers available on the market affect stone fragmentation and chipping or dusting in the same way. For example, it is important for the urologist to know whether there are significant differences in the use and settings of the Holmium and Thulium laser.

In addition, the UROwebinar will highlight the importance of using suction when fragmenting stones.


Prof. A. Skolarikos (GR)
Dr. E. Ventimiglia (IT)
Dr. V. Jahrreiss (AT)
Prof. A. Papatsoris (GR)