The European School of Urology (ESU)

The European School of Urology (ESU) delivers the education needs of urologists on behalf of the EAU Education Office.

We are focused on teaching and learning in urology, for doctors at any stage of a urological career, and for allied professionals working in the area. We use a range of materials and techniques for effective learning, and also for enhancing the learning experience. Our online materials, and the teaching courses we run at the EAU Congress

and elsewhere, make the European School of Urology a premier educational resource for the profession world-wide. Over 16,000 medical professionals benefit from and help to create forward-looking solutions for continuous improvement, professional growth and knowledge sharing.

Faculty & Tutors

The ESU aims to stimulate, coordinate and organise all postgraduate teaching and education activities of the EAU at the highest level possible. Therefore all teaching activities organised by the ESU are open to constant examination.

Each participant is requested to comment and rate the course they have attended – not only the content of the teaching material, but also the teachers. This feedback will guarantee that the ESU curriculum will remain completely up-to-date and is presented in a way considered most appropriate by the participants themselves.

The success of all ESU teaching activities relies greatly on the assistance of the ESU faculty, comprising 150 opinion leaders in the various urological fields. These faculty members donate their time and expertise to all teaching activities free of charge. We are very grateful to be able to call on the expertise and involvement of top experts in the various urological sub-specialties.

Education Office