Webinar E-courses

With EAU Education Online, the European School of Urology provides up-to-date education for urologists and residents worldwide.

In these online education webinars, leading experts address current treatments and controversies in various urological subspecialties. International key opinion leaders explain the latest urological developments in a concise presentation and give ample opportunities to interact and pose questions.



Prostate biopsy and infectious complications (2021)

Urogenital tuberculosis (2022)


General Urology

COVID-19 and urology: What we have learned from the pandemic? (2021)

Future roles for liquid biopsies in clinical decision making in uro-oncology (2021)

Robotic cystectomy and diversion: An update (2021)

COVID-19 recommendations for onco-urologists (2020)

Augmented reality & robotic surgery (2020)

Laparoscopy and Robotics: how present is turning into future (2020)

An update on fluorescence guided surgery (2020)

Update on Robotic Reconstructive surgery (2021)

PCNL in children: Tips and tricks (2021)

Surgical treatment of post-prostatectomy incontinence. Artificial urinary sphincter or male sling (2021)

Understanding the tumor micro-environment in urological cancers to improve immuno-therapy (2021)

Endourology: New technology and surgeon ergonomics (BASIS programme) (2021)

Practical approach to paediatric urology (2021)

Laser Endoscopic Anatomic Enucleation of Prostate (AEEP) (2021)

Current laparoscopic urology and allied technologies (2022)


Renal Cancer

Robotic partial nephrectomy: The evolution of a technique (2021)


Renal Transplantation

Update on robot assisted partial nephrectomy (2021)

Update in robotics and normothermic perfusion in renal preservation (2021)


Chronic Pelvic Pain

Local intravesical instillation therapy of IC BPS present and future (2020)


Prostate Cancer

Identification and management of patients with nmCRPC (2020)

Metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer (2021)

The use of PROMS in the evaluation of RARP (2021)

CVD in prostate cancer patients – Increased risks & comorbidities (2021)

Relevance of 68Ga PSMA11 in prostate cancer patient management  (2021)

How to manage CVD risk in PCa patients during COVID-19 (2021)

Relevance of 68Ga PSMA11 in prostate cancer patient management  (2021)

Advances in safety in the treatment of PCA (2021)


Men’s health

Evolving interventional therapy for bladder outlet obstruction in men. Where do we stand? (2019)

The New EAU Male Sexual and Reproductive health Guidelines – Male Hypogonadism and Male Infertility (2020)

Challenges in differential diagnosis of Male LUTS BPE (2021)

Bulbar urethral stricture management (2021)

What’s new in male infertility? (2021)


Bladder Cancer

BCG unresponsive disease how this definition impact your treatment decision making (2020)

Radical Cystectomy: the urologist nightmare! (2020)

4th Basis Urology: En bloc resection of Bladder Tumour (ERBT) and applied technologies (2021)

Bladder neoplasms: Will a morphological classification become obsolete? (2021)

Bladder Cancer TURB (2021)



COVID-19 and urological management of stone disease (2020)

Miniaturization in endoscopic procedure (2021)

Medical Management of Urolithiasis (2020)

Limits of flexible ureteroscopy (2020)

Present and Future of SWL (2020)

Management of Paediatric Urolithiasis (2021)


Functional Urology

Penile cancer reconstruction (2021)

SNM/OAB that is patient centric, focusing on patient choice and patient follow (2020)

Penile prosthesis in men with Peyronie’s Disease (2021)

What’s Next? A Patient With Diabetes, Obesity, and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) (2019)

The impact of BPH on sexual function (2021)

Outstanding challenges in medical treatment of Male LUTS/BPE (2021)

Stress urinary incontinence treatment options (2021)

Non-neurogenic Female LUTS (2021)