1-year Scholarship

Take part in a year-long research project under the guidance of experts. Finetune your skills and enhance your knowledge in a leading certified host centre abroad.

About the scholarship

Every year, the EUSP Board contacts host centres about research projects that future scholars can undertake. Alternatively, applicants can also submit their own project proposals.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  1. an EAU member
  2. a urologist or a urologist-in-training aged 45 years or younger. Exceptions can be made for projects that are worth considering.
  3. an author of (preferably) 3 or more peer-reviewed international PubMed publications, wherein you are the first author of at least one of the publications

How to apply

When you apply online, please include the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. List of your PubMed publications with the PubMed ID numbers
  3. Motivation letter about the project
  4. Signed recommendation letter by at least 1 senior urologist from an institution in your country on the institution's letterhead paper
  5. Signed confirmation letter from the Chairman and/or Programme Director of the host centre on the institution’s letterhead paper; kindly note that institutions may only host one EUSP scholar at a time
  6. A detailed project description with the timeframe (please download the Project Proposal Proforma template here)
  7. An itemized budget proposal (see more details in “About the scholarship grant” below)

    After completing the online application please also send one pdf-file containing all of the above documents by e-mail to eusp@uroweb.org.

About the scholarship grant

A maximum grant of €30,000 is allotted to each accepted project proposal. The grant will be transferred in 3 parts:

  1. 40% will be transferred approximately 1 month before the start date
  2. 40% will be transferred after the 4th month of the scholarship
  3. 20% will be transferred after the 8th month of the scholarship

Please include a well-documented budget proposal with your application. The budget proposal should be a complete financial overview which includes estimated costs of food expenses, accommodation, travel expenses for 1 round trip, and limited reimbursements for continuing expenses in your home country after the scholarship (e.g. continuation of insurances and other costs) wherein documentation can be presented.

The EUSP grant is meant to finance the above-mentioned costs made only by the applicant, and not by accompanying persons.

Important deadlines

Every year, there are 3 deadline dates for the scholarship application: 1st of January, 1st of May, and 1st of September.

Application review process

The EUSP Board will evaluate all applications, select the most suitable candidates and interview them during the EUSP Board meeting. The outcome of these interviews will be communicated to the candidates within a month. The EUSP Board’s decision is final and no further appeal will be accepted.


The scholar is required to present 3 reports which should include the following:

  1. Clinical or scientific achievement
  2. Impressions of the host centre
  3. Evaluation of the provisions made by the host centre for the successful conduct of the project

Please use the provided templates for the one-year research of clinical scholarship.

The first report should be submitted 6 weeks after the start of the scholarship. The EUSP advisor in consultation with the supervisor of the host centre will evaluate said report.

The second, intermediate report should be sent to the EUSP office after the 6th month of the scholarship. A detailed overview of expenses should be included.

At the end of the scholarship, the scholar is required to submit the final report of his/her work. This report should be accompanied by a PDF of the publication(s) resulting from the scholarship. The publication(s) should be accepted for presentation at an international meeting in urology and published in the abstract book related to the meeting.

The scholar may be invited to present his/her work during the EUSP Session at the Annual EAU Congress.

Intellectual property and financial benefits

The regulations of the host centre will apply to the intellectual property and any financial benefits resulting from the research performed under the terms and conditions of this scholarship. All the publications must acknowledge the support of the EUSP.

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EAU RF scholarships

The EAU Research Foundation (EAU RF) offers prime scholarship opportunities that involve procurement of robust evidence for the BlaZIB, ProBCI, and ProZIB studies. The results of these studies can help guide modifications of clinical practice and/or adaptation of guidelines; and improve patient outcomes.