Elevate your capabilities and enrich your clinical practice through the following fellowships developed by the EUSP and the EAU Section Office.

ESTU Fellowship on Kidney Transplant

Learn the ins and outs of urological-nephrological management when you receive your training at a certified European centre and at the Miami Transplant Institute – Jackson Memorial Hospital in the United States. Take part in this acclaimed fellowship organised by the EUSP in collaboration with the EAU Section for Transplantation (ESTU) and apply now.

EULIS Fellowship in Endourology

Familiarise yourself with endourological urinary stone management procedures such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) and ureteroscopic management of urinary tract stones (URS) during this fellowship courtesy of the EUSP and the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS). You will observe stone-related procedures first hand, as well as, join clinical rounds, scientific meetings, and case discussions.

ESOU and ESUR Fellowship in Onco-Urology

How can real world data (RWD), advanced RWD analytics, and AI models drive new knowledge generation and identify knowledge gaps in the management of uro-oncological disease? What new digital possibilities exist that can optimise personalisation of treatment? Collecting data, processing high-dimensional data across datasets and sources, and using deep learning to identify to enable personalised treatments for individual GU cancer patients, is what this fellowship is about.

The fellowship will focus on how the use of new techniques in data collection, data harmonisation, analysis and visualisation will impact innovative research and education in the field of uro-oncology.

Application is currently closed.

ESAU and ReproUnion Fellowship on Fertility

In collaboration with the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) and ReproUnion, the EUSP invites post-doc/PhD research fellows to take part in one of several proposed research projects on fertility, based at centres in either Denmark or Sweden. ReproUnion is a network of 13 clinical and research units in Denmark and Sweden, leading the world in overcoming infertility and in meeting future demands of managing and preventing infertility problems.

Application will open soon.