European Society of Residents in Urology

As part of the Young Urologistis Office, together with the Young Academic Urologists, the ESRU brings European residents in urology together to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The ESRU works in close collaboration with the European Board of Urology (EBU) and the European Association of Urology (EAU) to champion and support the training and education of urological residents. This is mainly done through regular events, scientific publications with the help of the ESRU National Communicator Officers.

Our Mission

The objectives of the ESRU are:

  • to support training in urology in Europe
  • to closely collaborate with the EBU, the EAU and other recognised organisations
  • to organize congresses and workshops for urologists in training
  • to maintain a representation in the EBU and in organisations involved in urological training in Europe
  • to support the creation of national associations for urologists in training in Europe.

What we do

The ESRU initiates several projects that encourage future and young specialists in urology to acquire new perspectives by exchanging knowledge, experience and becoming familiar with various urology departments across Europe.


In line with their mission the ESRU organises different events and training for residents in urology.

YUORday at Annual EAU Congress

Each year the Young Urologists Office & European Society of Residents in Urology organise the Residents and Young Urologist Day during the Annual EAU Congress. The main aim of this session is to offer talks tailored to residents' educational needs with traditional surgical tips and tricks, but also updates on the most recent oncological studies, ending the day with the great finale of the EAU Guidelines cup.

European Urology Residents Education Programme (EUREP)

The European Urology Residents Education Programme (EUREP) continues to be a reputable and educative programme for final-year residents. Organised by the European School of Urology, EUREP is designed to offer a significant overview of urological topics with a high-degree of interaction and brainstorming. The ESRU is highly involved at national level via the ESRU National Communicator Officers and meetings with the EAU executive members.

Science & Publications

Scientific publications and abstracts are an important pillar of the ESRU. Each year several publications are initiated and successfully published. The foundation of these publications are often surveys initiated by the ESRU.

And in every European Urology Today (EUT) a special section is dedicated to the Resident's Corner, providing an update on the latest development and activities of the society.


ESRU National Communicator Officers (NCOs) are designated by each country national urological association. Your country must be a member of the Union Europeenne des Specialistes (UEMS).

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